Our Hydro massage hot tabs specifications:

  • High end electronics
  • Two hydro pumps with 2HP to assure constant mixing of water and oxygen
  • Water recycling pump,super silent with low energy consumption
  • Cromoteraphy guaranteed by two high luminosity spotlights.
  • Possibility to choose a quality sound system
  • All out products are supplied with thermo cover to protect hot tub and quality of the water
  • Automatic water quality control ,Treatment Ph, Redox, UV bactericide (Trattamento dell'acqua Ph, Redox, UV battericida)
  • Monigali has equipped all Hot Tubs with an innovative water sanitizer system similar to ones implemented in swimming pools. Thanks to continuous and automatic control of water quality aided by sand filters ,compounds to keep water disinfected are sumministered keeping the PH to an optimum.

    Installation can be : freestanding,built in and any other ad hoc specification.

    Hot tab can be personalized with materials and colours to your requirement.

    Other technical information:

  • Quadra: 2600X2300 h 900
  • Tonda: 2350 diameter X h 900

  • Power supply:
  • 230 V monofase
  • 380 V trifase