• For a relaxing corner in your special space ,to create an atmosphere of well-being that mirror your soul, trust Monigali in managing your inside and outside space. Experienced engineers will evaluate the best solution creating a spa with endless combinations of colours and materials chosen by you. Whether in a cosy corner of your house or a garden immerse in nature or a city retreat, we will add value to your space and property.

  • The quality of the water that Monigali spa has is unique in the world.It is a portable spa that guarantee the quality of the water is kept in an optimal state at any given moment thanks to an automated control and the aid of a professional sand filter ,a technology that is used in swimming pools also. This characteristic is only available on Monigali Spas because they are created as unique pieces by Italian experienced artisans

  • Every Monigali spa has been studied to allow you to experiment on your body a number of different hydro massages ,every single one with characteristic's and specific benefits.Monigali allows you to experience a complete treatment thanks to five different massage modalities in your own spa,creating a true session of well-being for mind and body.