Monigali sets no limits when it comes to creating customized mini whirlpools, offering a personalized design service: from the first draft to modelling up and to the development of the 3D render, this enables the customer to have a vision of the project in all its stages.

We work with the aim of customer satisfaction, listening to their needs.

Our Design team is at the heart of developing in synergy with our customers.

The seats are ergonomic, the hydro massage water opening are perfectly placed studding the ideal water flow and can be changed so that we can assure each user will benefit in a stress free environment in which the beauty of style, completely Made in Italy, is perfectly integrated.

Monigali is also the only company that makes personalized mini-pools and puts at your disposal its material library, a source of research and careful selection of materials where you can choose from a wide and diverse range of high-quality materials for the creation of your mini-pool.