Hydromassage combines the principles of hydrotherapy with the benefits of massage therapy.
It creates a feeling of well-being and relief from stress and fatigue. It is useful in restoring psychophysical energy.
The pressure of the hydromassage on the skin induces the production of endorphins, which stimulate the nerve fibres and give a deep feeling of well-being:

• improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation
• prevention and reduction of varicose veins
• reduction of swelling in the lower limbs
• improvement of skin quality
• reduction of cellulite and water retention
• improvement of arthrosis and rheumatism
• muscle cool-down after physical activity
• absorption of hematomas
• fights stress for a better psychophysical health

Some of the characteristics that make Monigali spa’s unique are summarized below, we stress that we can offer many more option to custom your order.
• Professional Monitoring system of PH and redox with UV antibacterial lab and sand filters.
• The PH and Redox monitoring system is automatic and simple to use.
• Current system is the safest and precise with no hot water wastage:
• Sand filters have a better performance than sand cartridges as it requires less maintenance. The cartridges need to be cleaned and replaced more often, whereas sand filters work for longer periods with no maintenance and only need topping up every two years.
• Monigali installs UV antibacterial lamps 50cm long with a 30W amperage. Competitors install 10cm lamps with 4/5 W which will not kill bacteria.
• Others utilise ozone which isn’t sufficient for maintaining clean water and if the dosage is not precise may be harmful to health.
• The tub has a system that allows water that has exited due to evaporation to be reintegrated.
• Monigali spas are unique with a filter system divided in four different timed zones which can be customised. This will also allow the spa to be turned on and off automatically to facilitate resting periods.
• The hydromassage pumps and blower are the best in the market and are changed hand in hand with the specific item and installation.