In recent years, many high-level sports clubs have recommended to their athletes to recover from fatigue with a session of hydrotherapy or sauna. Indeed, such practices at the end of heavy training and matches appear to be effective in accelerating the return to full muscular activity. This is because water has physical properties that make it a valid instrument for transmitting thermal stimulation to the body. Furthermore, with jets of water in a tub modelled on the human being's morphology, it is possible to apply a series of calibrated pressures on the skin in order to stimulate the movement of cutaneous and subcutaneous liquids from the periphery to the centre of the body. In this way, the accumulation of liquids that occurs under the skin, especially in the muscles at the end of heavy exercise, tends to be eliminated more quickly benefiting the recovery of an athlete. With differing personalised advantages, hot and cold baths are also used alternately, as alternating cutaneous and muscular vasodilatation (hot baths) with vasoconstriction (cold baths) leads to the blood moving away from the skin and muscles (the peripheral shell) to the deeper parts of the body (the central core), with a supposed faster removal of metabolic products from the muscle to other tissues in charge of their disposal (other muscles, liver, etc.).
The Monigali hydromassage after training allows you to fight the effects of physical fatigue thanks to its massaging action and the properties of hot water. The heat, due to its decontracting property, helps the muscles to relax, while the movement of the water produces a real-life massage effect, contributing even more to their loosening and blood circulation. Hydromassage after sport therefore can allow you to alleviate the effects of an overly exerted intense workout. During a training session, the skeletal system, especially the joints, are subjected to a certain amount of stress. Knees and ankles, for example, are put under a lot of strain when running, while shoulders and elbows play an important role in weight lifting. Here, too, a hydromassage session can help keep the joints and tendons healthy. A 15-minute bath, positioning the most aching parts in front of the jets, allows you to relieve muscle fatigue and recover more quickly after sporting activity.
(Studies by Prof. Umberto Solimene and Prof. Arsenio Veicsteinas)